Rules & Park Map SITES 51 - 76 RIVER FRONT

Additional Information


Thank you for staying with us! Enjoy your stay and please observe the following rules. Disregard for any rules, causing dissension among other campers, or conduct deemed improper by the management is cause for immediate eviction without notice or refund.

Some of these rules were made by our insurance carrier, some by the State of California, and some by us. They were made for your safety and to ensure you enjoy your camping experience. Please obey them. They will be enforced.


      Check out is at 11AM - Check in is at1PM         

The Store/Office is open from 9:30 AM to 6PM
  Camp Hosts are available from 5PM to 10PM

Quiet time is 9:30PM to 8 AM                       

Restrooms and laundry room are closed from 11AM to 1PM daily for cleaning

Speed limit throughout the park is 7mph (including bicycles)

The laundry room is in the building next to the showers/restrooms. Washing and drying are $2 each. A change machine is available in the laundry room. Detergent is available at the Store/Office or after hours from the Camp Hosts. Please do not leave clothes unattended.

Children under 18 are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardian. Parents, please make sure your children are aware of all campground rules. Children must be accompanied by an adult to the river at all times. Please note the current is very strong – there is no swimming and no lifeguard on duty.

Campfires are allowed ONLY in the campground fire pits. For everyone’s safety, no campfires are allowed in RV spaces. Use of gas grills and fire pits in RV spaces is acceptable.


We welcome your friendly, furry friends and ask that you observe these rules:

All pets must be leashed at all times, in and out of campsites.
You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Every little bit, every time.
Do not leave your pets unattended in any part of the campground, including your campsite, at any time, in any weather.
No pet cages or pens are allowed due to some previous issues with them.
You assume full responsibility and liability for all actions/incidents caused by your pet while on Klamath River RV Park property.
Please observe the “no pets in this area” signs.
No excessive barking.

Non-compliance with these pet rules may result in immediate eviction without notice or refund.


In order to keep our grass green please limit the size of outside carpets or rugs to welcome mat size.

A trash dumpster is located at the back of the park. Keep garbage put away at night or you may have some unexpected wildlife visitors, mostly raccoons. The dumpster is for household trash only, no other items (e.g. chairs, barbecues, etc.) Do not put trash in the restrooms or laundry room.

Power booster boxes (e.g. Hughes brand) have created problems and we ask that you do not use them. Electric smokers, extra refrigerators, bug lights, and electric heaters are NOT allowed. (We cannot police electric heaters but ask for your cooperation.)

Please note: Klamath River RV Park cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire, or the negligence of you or others.

Suggestions and comments: we appreciate your help in keeping this a great vacation destination. If you see anything that needs our attention or if you have any suggestions on how we could make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know. We invite your comments on our website at


In case of emergency dial 911

700 West Klamath Beach Road, Klamath, CA 95548

Phone (707) 482-2091

We have a very fragile septic system and request you do not put paper towels, kitchen/bath white towels, latex gloves, or anything else that doesn’t belong into our system. Please do not use the washing machine in your rig as the detergent and bleach will kill our system. Our laundry facilities divert into a completely separate system designed to handle the chemicals